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digital signage category

Digital Signage content & digital signage templates can be used to promote daily food & drink specials, upcoming events, parties, contests, and more.

classic food restaurants
Digital Signage Software For Restaurants:
  • Great For Upselling & Highlighting Specials, Nutrition Information or Full Menus
  • Communicate to Both Employees & Visitors
  • Use To Shorten Perceived Waiting Time
  • Templates for Quick Service, Traditional & Institutional Establishments
Where to use restaurant digital signage:
  • Casual & Upscale Restaurants
  • Pizzerias
  • Fast Food (Quick Service, QSR, Fast Casual)
  • Institutional Foodservice (Cafeterias, Dining Halls)
  • Bars/Pubs
  • Cafes/Coffee Shops/Bistros/Diners

Digital signage templates & content can be used in retail to present sales, specials, seasonal deals, award winning products, upcoming products, information about shopping contests, & more!

retail templates
Digital Signage Software For Retail Stores & Shopping Malls:
  • Sale Offers & New Items are More Exciting When Promoted on a Screen
  • Use Televisions For Training Purposes or Team-Building Exercises Before Stores Open To Increase Employee Morale & Efficiency
  • Show Ads for Product Lines or Stores Located within the Mall
  • Welcome Potential Customers in Store with Warm Message
  • Advertise Latest Lottery Tickets & Winnings in Convenience Stores
  • Upsell Premium Products & Increase Inventory Turnover to Encourage Customers to Immediately Make A Point of Sale Purchase!
Where to use retail digital signage:
  • Retail Stores
  • Grocery Stores/ Supermarkets
  • Malls/ Shopping Centers
  • Convenience Stores/ Gas Stations
  • Department Stores

Digital signage content can be used in hotels to communicate directions, hours of operation, room service specials, hotel rules & restrictions, advertisements for local businesses, & other important information people from "out of town" should be aware of.

hospitality templates
Digital Signage Software For Hotels, Spas & Resorts:
  • Promote Room Upgrades & Other Benefits in Hotel Lobby
  • Welcome Guests with Warm Message while Advertising Events
  • Announce in-house Services such as Restaurants, Gyms, Bars, & Gift Shops
  • Make a Hotel Info Kiosk with all the Valuable Information People Need to Know
Display hospitality digital signage in:
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Salons & Spas

Digital signage templates & content can be used in banks & financial institutions to display interest rates, mortgage rates, breaking financial news, stock quotes, financial advice & information, & more!

bank templates
Digital Signage Software For Banks/Financial Institutions:
  • Advertise for Local Business Partners
  • Display Latest Information on Rates, Loans, etc.
  • Highlight Employee's Performances for Morale
  • News & Weather updates Inform Customers In Line
Digital signage is often found in:
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Credit Unions
  • Use Digital Signage for CD, Investment, Loan, Mortgage & IRA Rate Boards

Digital signage templates can be used to communicate simple messages to customers, employees, patrons or clients. Holiday messages, closings, hours of operation, seasonal announcements and more can all be found in the General Use category!

general templates
Digital Signage Software For General Use:
  • Greet patrons, customers, or employees
  • Communicate well wishes for holidays or other celebrations
  • Announce closings, hours, or other important information
Additional Examples:
  • Real Estate Digital Signage
  • Libraries
  • Small Businesses
  • Wayfinding Signage

Digital Signage templates are used in the transportation industry for countless purposes. From displaying departure and arrival times to advertising local hotels and restuarants, keeping passengers up-to-date with security precautions and more, digital signage is a strong presence in this industry today.

transportation templates
Digital Signage Software For Airports & More:
  • Display Arrival & Departure Times For Planes, Trains & Busses
  • Inform Passengers of the Latest Security Measures
  • Cross-advertise local hotels, motels, restaurants or attractions
  • Advertise upcoming promotions, ticket prices or new destinations
Use digital signage as arrival/departure screens in:
  • Airports
  • Bus Terminals
  • Train Stations

Digital signage content can be used in hospitals & clinics to announce health news, tips, and advice, facility maps, successful patient stories, visiting hours, fundraisers, property maps & more!

healthcare templates
Digital Signage Software For Hospitals & Clinics:
  • Communicate with Employees & Patients
  • Advertise for Community Partners
  • Spotlight latest Healthcare Trends
  • Show Waiting Patients where they are in the Queue.
Examples of healthcare digital signage:
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Doctors' & Physicians' Offices

Digital signage templates & content are perfect for use in educational facilities! Schools & universities can use digital media to communicate several things to students, teachers, staff, & parents. Dynamic signage can present school events & information, awareness of student projects, holiday information, lunch/dinner menus, school policies, awards & student accomplishments, & more!

education templates
Digital Signage Software For Educational Facilities:
  • Keep School Community of Teachers & Students Informed of Events & Other Important Information
  • Highlight Important School Policies & Behaviors
  • Increase Student Morale by Showcasing Individual Accomplishments
  • Announce School Sports Scores& Location & Times of Next Games/Meets
Use digital signage in:
  • Schools
  • University Campuses
  • Educational Facilities

Digital signage templates & content are already popular at trade shows & conventions, and can be used to display company backgrounds, advertising, awards & achievements, featured products or services, company locations, contact information, & more!

trade show templates
Digital Signage Software For Trade Shows:
  • Create Unique Presentation for Each Show
  • Attract More People Using the Latest in Technology
  • Convention Centers can Promote Upcoming Events & Trade Shows
  • Sell Ad Space for Local Businesses & Vendor
Where to promote your business with digital signage:
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Exhibitions

Car dealerships can use dynamic digital signage templates & content for many things including featuring new vehicle models, deals on used cars, recall information, maintenance tips, information on upgrades, feature happy customers, & more!

car dealership templates
Digital Signage Software For Car Dealerships:
  • Engage, Educate and Enthuse Customers with Eye-Catching Presentations
  • Convert Browsers into Buyers by Informing them of Car Choices
  • Up-sell Services and Accessories to Increase Dealership Sales
  • Educated Customers While They Wait for Vehicles to be Serviced
  • Provide Key Brand and Product Information to Customers in the Showroom, to Help Them Refine Buying Decisions
Use digital signage in:
  • Used & New Car Dealerships
  • Trade Shows/Conventions
  • Mechanic Shops

Digital signage templates & content are already popular at trade shows & conventions, and can be used to display company backgrounds, advertising, awards & achievements, featured products or services, company locations, contact information, & more!

entertainment venue templates
Digital Signage Software For Special Events:
  • Create Unique Presentation for Each Event
  • Attract More People Using the Latest in Technology
  • Convention Centers can Promote Upcoming Events or Trade Shows
  • Sell Ad Space for Local Businesses & Vendor
Promote Venues & Events at:
  • Movie & Performing Arts Theaters
  • Stadiums / Arenas
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries

Digital signage templates & content are great for internal communications or "IT" companies. They can use digital signage content & templates to announce industry news, facility hours, company announcements & updates, holiday information,& more!

corporate communications templates
Digital Signage Software For Corporate Communication:
  • Inform Employees of Important Dates (Holidays, Flu Clinics, etc.)
  • Increase Morale with Accolades Posted on Digital Signage
  • Display Important Company Information
  • Welcome Visitors with Exciting Graphic Display
Digital signage can assist with:
  • Internal Communication
  • Communicating with Employees
  • Human Resources

Digital Signage Content & Digital Signage Templates:

Using Our Easy-To-Use Digital Signage Software, Create Your Own Unique Digital Signage Content From Scratch, or Customize Any One Of Our 100+ Pre-Made Templates

Digital signage software and unique content can be used in every business! Digital signage templates are offered for FREE at and give business owners a quick & easy solution for creating industry-specific digital signage content. Digital signage content, and more specifically, digital signage templates are used to communicate important marketing and advertising information to customers and viewers. Digital signage content has been proven to increase consumer awareness, response, and action. Incorporate digital signage templates and content through our easy-to-use digital signage software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


A. Visit to sign up!

Q. What Is The Template Editor?

A. The template editor is a digital signage software platform that allows users to create and customize their own unique digital signs. Users simply create an account and log in online. However, this digital signage software is not a networked solution that provides sends updates to a networked digital sign player. It is for simple "plug & play" solutions only.

Q. What Types of Signs Can I Make?

A. The unique design of this template editor allows users to create eye-catching, multi-faceted signs, with combinations of text and images. The beauty of the template editor is that once you have finished creating your own or customizing any one of the free templates, the file is saved as a flat JPG image, so it can play on virutally any "plug & play" media player.

Q: What hardware do I need to play one of these digital signs?

A: You will need a computer with internet access to create or modify your layouts. You will need some type of monitor or screen to play the image, as well as a media player that supports JPG files and has a USB port. Finally, you will need a USB stick to save your completed JPEG template to plug into the media player.

Q: For Which Industries Do You Supply Templates?

A: We have totally free, customizable templates for many different industries, including, but not limited to: foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, education, churches, financial and more! Check back often as the selection of predesigned templates is always growing!

Q: Do I Have To Use A Pre-Designed Template Or Can I Create My Own?

A: We offer pre-designed templates as a convenience to our customers that may not have the time, skill or budget to create their own unique digital sign content. That being said, the template editor software is designed for both customization of existing templates and creation of new templates! Feel free to play around making as many layouts as you'd like (within your account's storage quota).

Q: What Resolutions Does The Template Editor Support?

A: The template editor supports any resolution up to 1920 x 1080. There are various preset resolutions, including 1080p, 720p, 1366x768 & 1024x768 to name a few. Free, pre-designed templates are created in the highest, 1920x1080 resolution and will easily scale down for any screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen). The templates will work for other aspect ratios, including 4:3, but may look distorted.

Q: Are Templates Available in Portrait Orientation?

A: Templates are available in portrait orientation, but be sure to check with your television's manufacturer before hanging your TV in this orientation. In some cases, hanging your TV in portrait orientation may cause damage or void your warranty.

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