Portable Counters & Lecterns for iPads and Tablets

Portable iPad & Tablet Counter Mounts & Mobile Lecterns

portable counters and lecterns

Looking for portable counters and lecturns for hands-free trade show or conference use? Non-locking & locking stands are available in many styles! These mounts without locks for tablets and iPad enclosures are ideal for expo use where device security may be a top concern. Businesses and organizations may also choose to use these moutns in their conference or boardrooms. These styles will fit into any décor, whether retail, commercial or institutional. These iPad enclosures, also known as freestanding Apple® tablet kiosks, offer viewing flexibility in any environment. A variety of finishes and materials are available for these versatile stands as well. Adjustable-height iPad enclosures such as these are an affordable alternative to buying separate desktop and floor mounts. Accessories for handheld devices can be used in a number of ways. These iPad enclosures for home use have as many uses as there are apps!

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