Commercial-Grade Monitor Stands & Mounts for Business

Universal LED TV Mounts and Portable Monitor Stands for Commercial Use

Thinking of augmenting your business endeavors with a TV that displays targeted content? Flat screen monitor stands always enhance the presentation of any media or advertising! However, it's important to find the best way to safely display valuable LCD monitors without impeding visibility. Widescreen flat panel TVs can be prone to toppling over and becoming damaged if not properly mounted. Monitor stands are tools that any LCD owner can benefit from because they enable you to safely and securely display video or multimedia content. How does one know which monitor stand is correct for an LED or plasma television? All of our universal TV mounts are VESA compatible. VESA is an abbreviation for "Video Electronics Standards Association". Television designers and TV mount manufacturers got together to standardize the specifications for mounting. Because of this standardization, customers can now be confident about which brackets they purchase for their TVs. VESA makes buying flat panel mounts easier.

Not every monitor stand is alike. At MonitorStandsNow, we supply 100s of different fixtures in our massive, online catalog, many of which have practical features and add-ons. Your shopping experience is superior here, especially due to our site's simple navigation links. Our product lines feature wall and ceiling mounted fixtures, floor racks, and portable TV stands that include digital signage hardware, as well as commercial grade monitors. No matter what type of display mounts your organization requires, we sell it here. Start with our most popular models in the best sellers!

Which LED or plasma screen mount is best for your display needs?
  • Ceiling and wall mounted monitor stands are ideal for waiting areas, lobbies, restaurants and bars where TVs must be raised up for maximum visibility.
  • Portable models work well in lobbies, classrooms and are especially useful at trade shows or conventions. Temporary setups or short-term promotional presentations benefit from stands that are easily transported from one room to another.
  • Modern glass and metal styles are great for businesses and homes with sophisticated d├ęcor and plenty of available floor space.
  • Digital signage packages are ideal for business expos, trade shows and seminars where multimedia packages help to sell your goods, services or ideas.
What are the benefits every flat screen mount offers?
  • Each universal TV stand boasts standardized VESA mounting bracket compatibility for easy purchasing and installation.
  • Any display we feature supplies dependable support for the exhibition of flat panel televisions.
  • All of our fixtures supply effective marketing capabilities for the promotion of goods and services.

Ceiling and wall mounts are excellent choices for customer waiting areas, lobbies, and transportation terminals. Elevate your screen off the floor to make more room for a special piece of furniture or equipment. Your raised television will be at the optimum height for the best view. To further enhance your view, you can purchase a unit with tilting and panning capabilities. A tilt mount gives you the ability to adjust the viewing angle which provides the best full color picture. Ceiling and wall mounts are typically seen in many professional, retail and educational settings. Waiting rooms in hospitals and doctor's offices can benefit from a ceiling or wall mount stand. Restaurants, taprooms, hotels, convention centers and sports complexes all use ceiling and wall mount brackets to showcase their TVs. These versatile mounts can support plasmas broadcasting televised events and cable programming, or they can accommodate monitors that play commercial videos or custom advertising. Our digital signage bundles can often do both! Purchase these accessories and reap the benefits!

Portable TV stands are the most ideal displays for trade shows, seminars, classrooms and office conference rooms. They are rugged metal stands which can feature casters for easy mobility and maneuvering from area to another. These multifaceted stands may display one, two or even four monitors simultaneously! They are the best marketing tools for use just about anywhere. Customers and passersby are naturally attracted to moving messages. In fact, they are three times more likely to read a sign that features movement than they are to read a static sign. Imagine the effect your business, company or organization will have when you present flat screen TVs at trade shows or informational sessions! Check out these items and their handy accessories now!

Digital signage packages are some of our best sellers! These bundles offer a complete solution, starting with a quality LED stand, a commercial-rated flat panel monitor and a digital media player. These kits are powerful marketing tools that enable you to customize your message and televise the ads wherever your targeted viewers are. Order a towering, 10-foot tall unit for a crowded trade show, so no one will miss your video advertising. Purchase a subscription package to take advantage of streamed Live TV, template creation, online management and framed marketing displays! Our digital signage packages include units that are Wi-Fi enabled, models with poster displays and easy-to-use slideshow-style packages. Boost your sales, visibility and advertising potential with digital signage systems. Don't wait, order now! is the leading seller of discount television stands and ceiling mounts. Our immense warehouse is stocked with thousands of mounts and packages in a variety of dimensions and designs that fit every business application. View our online categories for the ceiling or wall mount stands you need at the prices you want to pay. If you have questions, we can help! While surfing online, you can participate in a live chat with one of our customer service representatives or call us at 1-800-572-2194 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST. If we are not open, simply send us an E-mail, and we will answer your questions as soon as we can. With the largest fully-stocked warehouse in the United States, is able to maintain a stockpile of our best sellers, as well as most of our items in general. This huge warehouse ships these in-stock items fast! To accommodate our customers, we list the available supply of each catalog item to make it easier to know how many of each item is available for order. Most in-stock orders received before 2pm EST are shipped out the same day! Now that's service you can count on!

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